1. A fermented drink made of water and honey with malt, yeast, etc.; metheglin; hydromel. Chaucer.

2. A drink composed of sirup of sarsaparilla or other flavoring extract, and water. It is sometimes charged with carbonic acid gas. [U. S.]
ETYMOLOGY = (Old English) mede, (Anglo-Saxon) meodo; akin to (Dutch) mede, (German) met, meth, (Old High German) metu, mitu, (Icelandic) mjö, (Danish) miöd, (Swedish) mjöd, Russ. med', (Lithuanian) midus, (Welsh) medd, (Greek) madhu honey, a sweet drink, as adj., sweet. Metheglin.
A meadow. A mede All full of freshe flowers, white and reede. Chaucer. To fertile vales and dewy meads My weary, wandering steps he leads. Addison.
ETYMOLOGY = (Anglo-Saxon) m. See Meadow.